• Position:Assitant Director Admin & HR

Oladunni Akinfala joined the Lagos State Civil Service in November 2001. She started her working career as a Legislative Officer at the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2001, where she served till 2005, she was re-designated to an Administrative Officer in 2005 and has served in various capacities such as; Management Service Reform Office now Office of Transformation as Administrative Officer, Ministry of Commerce & Industry— as Departmental Training Officer, Agency for Mass Education—Head, Admin & Human Resources, Ministry of Agriculture---Departmental Training Officer, Agricultural Land Holdings Authority – Head, Admin & Human Resources, Office of Overseas Affairs & Investment—Head, Inter-ministerial Coordination, Office of Public Private Partnerships—Head, Admin & Human Resources. Her contributions and achievements to the Civil Service include; Participated as a member of the committee on World Health Day (2010), acted as the secretary of the Agric Land Holdings Authority during the process of acquiring agricultural lands for the State Government in Lagos, Oyo, Ogun and Abuja, participated as the secretariat of the monthly Erekorodo stakeholders meeting, participated actively in the establishment of agricultural zonal Offices in 4 Zonal areas of the State. She pioneered the establishment of Investment Champions in all MDAs for the Office of Overseas Affairs and Investment. Oladunni Akinfala has also attended the following Local and International trainings/workshops/conferences; Train—the—trainer, Customer relations service workshop, Human Resources Management workshop and HR summit. Oladunni Akinfala was born into the Macaulay family of Lagos Island. She is married and blessed with children. Her hobbies are cooking, travelling and meeting people. She holds a B.A in English, from the Lagos State University. She has almost completed her certification as a Chartered Institute of Personnel Manager (CIPM).